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ZataShop is an American company, located in Wayzata, Minnesota. It is with honor and great pride that we call Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, our home.

Minnesota has four full seasons and we Minnesotans embrace all four. We don’t shy away from our well known cold winter season, but instead we rise to the challenge and take on winter with the passion that only Minnesotans could.

ZataShop was founded on the belief that people need another choice in online shopping….an honest and trusted choice. In the tradition of “Minnesota nice” we care about our customers, earning your business through trust and the best customer service. It is our belief that too many online retail websites have become nothing more than large circus tents with hundreds of non-vetted resellers, many of whom are more than happy to take your money for products that are either mislabeled, or not of the quality that the sellers claim. At ZataShop, we believe that you, the customer deserves more. Thus, ZataShop was born.

It is our mission to offer our customers high quality products at a fair price. We make every attempt to test products, in an effort to validate the product specifications listed on the label. We will also try to scrutinize our products and separate the good products from those that are inferior or falsely labeled.

It is our goal at ZataShop.com to become your most trusted online retailer. If we allow third party resellers on our website, it will only be well known and trusted companies, or individuals who are thoroughly vetted to assure that the products they sell are of the best quality, and that the labeling is honest and true.

We want to earn your trust and business through honesty, great customer servicehigh quality products, and fair pricing.


Our promise to you is to always offer high-quality products at a fair price.